3 Hour Break-Through Program

3 Hour Break-Through Program

Hear what clients are saying about this unique program:

“I had been working with another therapist and felt stuck. I worked with Isobel and she made me a personalized cd. It worked. I broke through my weight loss plateau and began losing weight. Finally, I was on my way to reaching my goal weight. It was the best decision I made.” 
– June O, California

“I highly recommend the intensive program. It helped me clarify my goals and the personalized cd helps keep me focused. I always have it available to reinforce my new beliefs.”
– Anne, Denver

If you feel stuck, frustrated and want to make rapid change. If you don’t want to drag things out, coming week after week, then this program is for you. Did you know that 3 hour’s intensive work is equivalent to doing 6 weekly sessions?  My program actually helps you accomplish more in less time.

 After spending time with you. I will put together a strategic plan of steps for you to follow. This will include handouts, pdf downloads and a MP3 or CD. The program may include relaxation skills, visualizations, and affirmations. Utilizing my 20 years of trainings and experience to help you make rapid permanent change.

 The reason my programs are so successful, is that I work with the conscious and subconscious mind all at the same time. I have found that this is truly the only way to obtain lasting change.

 So whether you are feeling stuck and needing clarity; in the middle of a transition; wanting better relationships; wanting to improve your confidence and self-esteem; learn to take better care of your physical health through destressing, exercising or eating healthily. Or whether it is to change habits of indecision, ruminating, procrastinating.

Know you are not alone, whatever you are dealing with I have most likely successfully helped others in those areas. There is a strategy to help you permanently feel better. Call Isobel for an initial complimentary consultation to see if this program is best for you.