Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program: Take Control of Your Eating – Tried, Proven & Effective

· How to Stop binge eating, and Overcoming Emotional eating
· How to Stop compulsive eating
· How to Stop eating the unhealthy foods
· How to Lose Weight Naturally by creating a life style change
· How to Motivate yourself and stop feeling depressed and defeated

You need a program to address your unique eating behavior. So you can have the success you desire.

What Works?

· Positive Support – non-judging, accountability
· A change in your mindset, how you relate to food and a lifestyle change
· Addressing underlying issues, or changing the unhealthy habit.
· Life Coaching which gives you support and holds you accountable

Diets have a 95% failure rate. Most people seen in my practice know what they need to do to lose weight. Emotional and stress eating is usually the real issue that causes “yoyo’ dieting. Once you figure out what is emotionally driving you to use food to self soothe, you are able to deal with the true issue, whether it may be feeling bored, lonely, worthless, sad, angry etc.

 Isobel McGrath, MS, CLF, Cht with over 22 years of experience will assist you identify your triggers, which are, the situations and feelings that trigger unhealthy eating. In order to make permanent change one needs to process these underlying emotions and learn new healthier ways of coping.
“People are getting healthier by not focusing on their weight” according to Marjorie Ingall in Prevention Magazine (August 2011). Studies find that committing to health and feeling physically stronger creates a much more lasting psychological change that focusing on dress size or a number on the scale.


Weight Loss

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Isobel's Weight Loss Book Details:


Six Session Private Weight Loss Program OR
3hr  Break-Through Intensive Session  because you want to make change RIGHT AWAY!

Reducing weight can help you: Feel Physically Lighter and Healthier. Feel more Attractive. Increase Self Esteem and Confidence. Feel comfortable in your skin.

Stop Dieting, Stop emotional eating and start making a LIFE TIME CHANGE!
Learn how to adopt a Healthier Life Style to last a life time to achieve PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS
In this Six Session Program you will learn proven strategies and techniques to help You make Permanent changes.

A combination of hypnosis and life coaching will help You reduce weight by changing the way you THINK and FEEL towards food. Take control of Your Eating behavior. Feel motivated to increase physical activity and Eat Healthily.

Life coach Isobel McGrath states,

“My weight Loss program and CD has been developed from my years of experience helping people succeed in making permanent life style changes. As people change how they think of  their bodies and food, they change their values and beliefs around eating, which leads to new healthier eating habits. This psychological shift is what stops yoyo dieting and creates a peaceful mindset around food”.

Total $799  if paid in advance

Reducing Weight can help YOU: Feel physically Lighter and Healthier. Feel more Attractive. Increase your Self Esteem and Confidence. Improve your Health and Well Being.


Change occurs from the Inside out – working on your mindset, stress and coping skills.

Learn how to adopt a Healthier Life Style to last a Life Time and achieve PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS:
A combination of Coaching and Hypnosis will help YOU reduce Weight by

– changing the way you Think and Feel towards food.

  • Take Control of Your Eating behavior.
  • Learn Portion Control.
  • Stop the Cycle when you slip up.
  • Mindful Eating.
  • Helpful Practical Tips.
  • Feel Motivated to increase your physical activity.
  • Increase your Desire for Healthy Foods.

In this Six Session Program you will work on your unique needs and a program will be created especially for you, that builds on your succeses. You will learn tp implement proven strategies and techniques to help YOU make Permanent Change.

Includes the Weight Loss CD or MP3

Track 1: Feel motivated and empowered to finally take control of your eating behavior. Desire healthy foods. Desire to increase your physical activity. Be mindful, Slow down while eating. Stop eating when comfortably satisfied. Stop being a member of the clean plate club. Listen to while awake.

Track 2: Hypnosis, visualizations and positive statements. (45mins) Take control. Recognizing what is sending you to food -Emotions, environment, habit, food cravings. Learn new coping skills.
Customers report great success by just listening to this Program