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You need a customized weight loss program to address your unique eating behavior, in order to have the success you desire. During the 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop binge eating and overcoming emotional eating
  • Stop compulsive eating
  • Stop eating the unhealthy foods
  • Lose weight naturally by creating a lifestyle change
  • Motivate yourself and stop feeling depressed and defeated

What Works

  • Positive Support – non-judging, accountability
  • A change in your mindset, how you relate to food and a lifestyle change
  • Addressing underlying issues, or changing the unhealthy habit.
  • Life Coaching which gives you support and holds you accountable

Why Do Traditional Diets have a 95% failure rate?
Most people seen in my practice know what they need to do to lose weight. Emotional and stress eating is usually the real issue that causes “yoyo” dieting.

Permanent Change 
Once you figure out what is emotionally driving you to use food to self soothe, you are able to deal with the true issue, whether it may be feeling bored, lonely, worthless, sad, angry etc.

Isobel McGrath, MS, CLF, Cht with over 22 years of experience will assist you identify your triggers, which are, the situations and feelings that trigger unhealthy eating.

In order to make permanent change one needs to process these underlying emotions and learn new healthier ways of coping.

“People are getting healthier by not focusing on their weight” according to Marjorie Ingall in Prevention Magazine (August 2011). Studies find that committing to health and feeling physically stronger creates a much more lasting psychological change than focusing on dress size or a number on the scale.


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