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“This powerful, inspiring book shows you how to change your mindset, shed weight, and keep it off for life. “
Brian Tracy, best-selling international author of Get Over It and Get On With It.

Why we gain weight is more complex than just what we eat says Isobel McGrath International Counselor, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist.
Focusing on our overall, long-term health is much more productive and powerful.

TIP 1: Erase the word diet from your mind and your vocabulary.

Perhaps like millions of others, diets arent working for you? The truth is there is no quick fix. This book will help you make lasting adjustments in your mindset. A new mindset is key to affecting the choices you make around food and eating. These tips and tools encourage you to take control of your eating behavior.
Whether you struggle with emotional eating, compulsive overeating or feelings of defeat and failure, you can experience new found hope.

Lack of motivation and will power will no longer be an issue. Finally, you can gain the mindset that encourages you to focus and persevere, even when a slip occurs. These 21 Winning Tips are easily implemented and create the psychological foundation necessary for a healthy lifestyle. You will have control over your eating behavior while achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals.