Isobel McGrath
(904) 436-5576
721 A1A Beach Blvd, Suite 7
St. Augustine, Florida 32080

I work with individuals who desperately want to feel good about themselves and improve their relationships. Those who long to feel confident and comfortable with themselves and others, whether it be with family members, friends, co-workers or love relationships.

The top three consistent struggles for women that I have found in my business are: (1) Giving more to others than themselves (2) Being overly critical with themselves (3) Feeling guilty and experiencing issues with confidence and self-esteem.

Do you identify with these or similar issues? If so you are not alone. I provide the tools which increase feelings of ease, confidence, self-assuredness, and decisiveness. Helping you to let go of unnecessary guilt and to embrace self-care. Learning to finally feel at ease regardless of others feelings or judgements about you. I teach communication skills which allow you to find your voice and finally feel heard in your relationships. This brings more joy, fun and light heartedness into your life. Helping you finally to feel totally confident and comfortable with who you are. Which enhances your interactions and relationships with others. Assisting you to finally feel a deep sense of connection with yourself and others.

With over 22 years’ experience and diverse trainings, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to my work. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from London, England, a Master’s in Science in Counseling, from Connecticut, USA and Certifications in Clinical Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, Deep Memory Processing, and Regression work. I am well versed in the mind/body connection and how the subconscious mind operates. I love to learn and am also trained in Dream Interpretation, Mindfulness and Life Coaching. I have been engaged in my own personal journey of growth for many years. Which has helped me through the many transitions in my life. I truly believe in walking the talk.

When I’m not seeing clients or creating online programs, I can be found enjoying walking the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunset or enjoying a favorite meal at a local restaurant. If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 things you don’t know about me. I come from a big Irish family and have 24 nieces and nephews. I didn’t start college until I was 26 years old. I’ve went from being a secretary to opening businesses in Ireland, London, Connecticut and Florida. Not all at the one time!

If you have had enough and are finally ready to invest in yourself, if you are ready to break free from limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old relationship patterns if you would like to take better care of yourself and feel a sense of peace, joy, and enthusiasm for your life, reach out, take my hand, and let me lead the way.

Work with me, right this second, by taking advantage of my complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation – no pressure, I promise, to see if my services will benefit you.

Please note: before you begin therapy, it’s very important to check on the licensure of your counselor. Click here to find information about my licensure, which has been verified by Psychology Today.