Swimsuit Weather- Yikes!

Would you rather be thinner or less bothered by your current weight?

Do you cringe at the thought of being seen in your swimsuit? Do you feel uncomfortable, to the extent that you avoid attending beach and pool parties? If so, you are not alone.

The majority of people report wanting to change some aspect of their body. However, being so overly consumed with how your body looks that you avoid certain activities, is an indicator that you would benefit from professional help. When self-consciousness gets in the way of participating in activities and enjoying being with friends etc. then you are missing out on life.

It is a common mistake to thing, “Once I am thin, they I will be happy”. The reality is that there is usually that “last 5 lbs., if you could only get rid of it!”  People seldom report being “happy” with their body. Whether it is their shape, weight, height etc. There is some area that needs fixing.

Unfortunately, people that come to see me have usually spent years trying to “fix” their image through dieting, exercising etc. Their entire focus is on looking attractive. People are quite surprised when I say it is an internal job. So, let’s start where you are, and ask yourself – Would you rather be thinner or less bothered by your current weight? You can work right now on being less bothered and changing your belief system around your body image.  So, why not start there, where you can immediately feel the difference and gain some control over your inner life.