New Year – Stop thinking of New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year – Stop thinking of New Year’s Resolutions! Why? Because they don’t work!

What works? Thinking of a Permanent Lifestyle Change!

Why? Because our mind deciphers the difference between a TRUE commitment and a temporary change.

Decision Time
A mind in conflict is at war with itself. It takes alot of precious life energy to sit on the fence. To go back and forth. It is imperative for your well-being; for your own peace of mind, to assess the pros and cons and make a final decision.

Stop Self Doubt
How much time have you spent going back and forth on your decision to change? Weeks, months perhaps years. Now is the time to put this indecision which fuels anxiety and self-doubt to rest. You have lived in indecision long enough. It is time to Quit. You are done with second guessing your decision. It’s a waste of your precious time and energy. You no longer entertain the thoughts of old. You have moved on. You are wise to these thoughts that lead you back into the old behavior, such as, “Just one won’t hurt”, “You can start again tomorrow”, “It’s not a big deal, other people get to do it”.

Be on guard, expect these thoughts of temptation. They are normal, everyone has them, not just you! The longer you go without giving into them, the quicker they will pass. Accept them as part of the process of change. Smile to yourself and be proud of yourself. The fact that you are having craving’s means you are in the transition of permanent change. You are actually taking steps towards freedom from the clutches of the substance or behavior that you know at a deep intrinsic level is unhealthy for you.

Focus on the Benefits

Those of you who have worked with me or read my recent book on Weight Loss, are well aware of my emphasis on the positive.

Ask yourself: What is in it for you? Why do you want to change?

Write down at least 5 benefits to you. How will this affect your inner-self, your confidence and self respect? How will this affect others, especially those who love and care for you? Your career etc
Visualize these benefits daily before you goto sleep and on awakening.

When you have a craving or are tempted to go back to your old behavior, remind yourself of all these benefits to help you persevere with this lifestyle change.

30 Day Experiment

If you can’t trust yourself to make a permanent commitment and are fearful of failure, then I highly recommend a 30day experiment. Your focus here is to learn about yourself, to find out what the substance/behavior is doing for you and to investigate how challenging it really is to change.This will help you to identify your emotional triggers. The 12 step programs refer to the triggers of people, places and things, as well as, emotional triggers of being Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired (HALT).

To begin, you may attempt a 30day challenge. Whether it be experimenting with giving up caffeine, sugar,  or alcohol. Or committing to an exercise program, Or committing to stop complaining and being assertive instead. Hopefully once you experience the benefits and complete 30days you will want to continue and commit to a  permanent lifestyle change!

As always, I wish for you the healthiest version of yourself! If you would like help on making change, please give to yourself the gift of my expertise.