Permanent Weight Loss: Stop the Blame/Shame Cycle

Permanent weight loss is possible when you address your eating behavior and take the necessary steps to interrupt the diet blame/shame cycle.

Over the years, I’ve learned that people who struggle with weight gain or overindulgence in any form tend to be very judgmental, critical, and unforgiving of themselves. This is what I call the weight gain “blame/shame cycle of thinking.”

This unhealthy thinking cycle becomes habitual, so you find yourself obsessing over food, alcohol, etc., consuming food or alcohol, and then shaming yourself – only to repeat the cycle. This yo-yo cycle needs to be interrupted so that you can learn how to cope in healthier ways. 

Willpower is Not Enough

Relying on willpower alone and berating yourself does not lead to change. Rather, this causes you to become more entrenched in the blame/shame cycle, which distracts and prevents you from learning helpful skills and techniques for successful weight loss. 

If you struggle in any area of your life it is because you don’t have the tools you need to succeed. There’s no shame in not knowing what you don’t know; it happens to the best of us. There is nothing inherently wrong with you.

As I have taught my clients, the energy that you are currently using to control your behavior needs to be redirected into helpful tools and skills.

When we discover the right tools and learn the needed skills to help us deal with life’s changes, we can remain calm, centered, and in control no matter what happens. 

You Need a New Mindset: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Research indicates that mindfulness and self-compassion interrupt the blame/shame cycle, and lead to lasting behavioral change. I’ve found that to be true with my weight loss clients. 

I recently had the privilege of working with a 67yr old man who had struggled his whole life with overeating; he had tried many ways to lose weight, such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and exercise programs. Unfortunately, none of these had worked well for him. 

On completion of my 6 Session Weight Loss Program, my client reported that this was the only thing that had truly helped him. He now had the psychological tools that he never even knew he needed to look at food as nutrition, eat in moderation, and feel good about healthier choices. 

Get Healthy and Lose the Weight for Good

On average, dieters go on 4 “diets” a year, spending between $77 to $169 dollars per pound they lose, with many gaining and losing the same pounds over and over. That’s a lot of money and time wasted because they haven’t addressed their unhealthy eating behaviors in a permanent way.

What I am offering you is different: the opportunity to permanently end the yo-yo- dieting in six personalized and private sessions for only $799 (pre-paid). This incredible offer is substantially less than an unhealthy lifetime of yo-yo dieting and the financial, mental, and physical health costs associated with that.

During your personalized and private Six Week Weight Loss Program, you will learn proven strategies and techniques to help you make permanent changes to your weight and healthy lifestyle.

You’ll receive a combination of therapeutic hypnosis and life coaching tailored especially to you, which will help you reduce your weight by changing the way you think and feel towards food. You’ll learn how to take control of your eating behavior, feel motivated to make healthy choices, and increase physical activity.

If you are tired of struggling with your weight and would like a private and permanent weight loss program created just for you by an expert with proven success, please contact me today. I’d love to work with you.

To your health and happiness,

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Isobel McGrath is a licensed International Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist located in St. Augustine, FL.

Isobel provides therapy, counseling, and hypnosis in person at her St. Augustine Beach office, and through Telehealth. She is dedicated to providing exceptional, collaborative care, and truly cares about her clients and their well-being. 

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