Learn to Discriminate Which Desires to Act On

We all have desires, some are helpful but some are very destructive. When a desire becomes an over whelming compulsion, it feels like you have no choice, but to satisfy it.

When you are confronted with such a desire, it is important to think things through. Whether this desire is for a piece of cake, another alcoholic drink, an expensive purchase, or a relationship. Getting to know, what you truly want, will help you make healthier choices for you and those around you.

Ask yourself?

How does this desire fit in with my greater priorities?

Is it beneficial to other people as well as to myself?

Will following this impulse hurt me or others?

What will I have to give up if I follow this desire?

What will I have to give up if I don’t give in to this desire?

What do I really want by getting what I want?

If you can SLOW things down long enough to answer these questions, you will be in stronger place to make a conscious choice rather than a reactive choice.

No matter what, you always want to feel that you are in charge of your choices. You are the captain of your ship. This will help you build an inner sense of power and self-reliance.

I hope you find these questions helpful, in getting to know your motivation. In so doing, you may find that you can meet those needs in healthier ways than you first thought.

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