Say “Yes” to yourself!

Oftentimes, people struggle with owning their power and feeling that they are worthy to be alive. Such limiting beliefs are at the core of low self-esteem. I believe we all can go through times of challenging situations. These, however, may never cause you to doubt your right to be alive in the world. 

Therefore, this resounding doubt of worthiness can ripple throughout one’s life. It can affect your ability to consider your needs being just as important as loved ones. And because you are not accustomed to considering yourself, it can lead to incredible self-doubt and indecisiveness. This feeling of unworthiness ripples through-out every aspect of your life, i.e. in the way you take care of your body, career choices, partners and friends you choose.

How to Give Yourself Permission

Decide you want to feel better. In order to feel better about yourself, you are going to attempt a different approach. This will feel uncomfortable, however eventually, like all new behaviors it will become more comfortable. To the point that you actually embrace this belief.

Let’s Play:

Please repeat each statement 3 times. Act as if you truly believe each statements.

Stand firmly on the ground. Spread your arms wide and say, “I have a right to be here”. 

Move around with your arms spread wide and say, “I have a right to take up space”. 

“My feelings matter to me”

“I matter to me”

“I am just as important as anyone else”

“Because I can breathe, I belong here”

“I am worthy of being here”

You can say these statements silently throughout the day, to remind yourself of your commitment to feeling better. 

You need to embrace your power and worth in order to shift your inner world. When you feel you truly belong and have as much right as anyone else, you will most likely be able to give yourself the permission to do and say the things that are in your heart. You will discover your true inner voice and find the confidence to live a life that fulfills you.

If you would like further assistance, listening to my “Increase Self-Esteem & Confidence” MP3/CD can reinforce these positive beliefs.