Spring into the Positive and Healthier You!

I love Spring.  It is a time or rebirth. A time of possibilities. I wonder how you are doing since the New Year began? Three months have passed already – January, February and March. Do you recall how you began the New Year, full of hope and the best of intentions? Did you set any new year’s goals or resolutions? If you did, please stop and assess your progress. If not, just review where you are now… 

  • What is working (mentally, physically and spiritually) in your life?
  • What is currently not working for you? (your mindset and the way you treat your body)
  • What external factors are negatively impacting you?
  • Is there anything you can do about them or are they outside your control? (Job, boss, family, relationships, financial situation etc)

 This is a great time to start anew and begin a fresh. Put the past behind you, draw a line in the sand, close that chapter of your book and begin anew, with realistic expectations and commitment to move forward. Now take action. Pick at least one area of your life and take a positive step forward. It does not matter how small a step it is. Begin by taking baby steps.

Remember, that most people don’t make change right away. They have had many false starts, slips and relapses. However, perseverance always prevails. Just as Edison has said, he never failed, he discovered lots of ways not to invent the lightbulb. Everything we do is a stepping stone towards our highest good.

To make changes in your life, follow these steps:

1) Set a realistic plan,

2) Commit,

3) Monitor your progress

4) Learn from the setbacks and repeat step 1, 2 and 3.

If you feel disheartened in any area of your life, you probably are expecting way too much of yourself. Lower your expectation, break your goal down into tiny steps for success. For example, if you want to stop drinking soda, then aim to have 1 can less per day. Monitor your progress for 1 week. If you did it 3 times in 1 week, you did well. Remember to aim for progress not perfection. Aiming for perfection and not obtaining it, will make you feel like a failure, which will discourage you from trying again. Whereas, any progress will feel like a success and you will feel encouraged to continue persevering.

It is the same for weight loss, focusing on losing 15lbs or 30lbs is too overwhelming. If you first focus on losing 10% of your weight loss goal i.e. 1.5lbs and 3lbs, you feel hopeful and encouraged. When you are less stressed, you are apt to think more clearly and make better choices. Which again increases positive thoughts and feelings towards yourself, which will increase your self-esteem.

Begin with baby steps that are possible to obtain. You will feel better and talk more positively to yourself, which will ultimately increase your self-esteem.

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