Hypnosis worked for me, yet other treatments didn’t?

Hypnotherapy outcomes are quite remarkable 93% recovery rate after 6 sessions, compared to other modalities. I find people are still confused as to how it works and reluctant to use this proven method of treatment than regular talk therapy.


My first introduction to hypnotherapy (not to be confused with stage hypnosis) was in my 20’s and I fell in love with the trance feeling. The ability to take oneself into an altered state of consciousness is what many people seek through alcohol, food, drugs etc. This is the same feeling of being in the zone, totally absorbed in an activity so much so that you quieten down the inner chatter and lose track of time. Self-hypnosis, and meditation are tools that help you to relax, so you can achieve an alpha state of relaxation. While in this state, the mind can focus and the body naturally rejuvenates. 


More and more research is confirming the benefits of meditation. Self-hypnosis does the same – it lower’s your blood pressure, reduces stress and builds up your immune system. These are wonderful benefits in and of themselves. However, when I use hypnosis in treatment I am using it as a vehicle to help someone relax their critical/judgmental mind, so they can be open to making major breakthrough and changes in their lives.


Unfortunately, by the time someone comes for hypnotherapy, they have exhausted all other forms of therapy and see hypnosis as their last resource. By this time they are fairly despondent. Fortunately, hypnosis can bypass the naysaying conscious mind and communicate with the subconscious mind that believes in magical thinking and therefore always believes in our potential for growth. This is why the smoker who has smoked for 20 years can quit after 2 sessions! The person who struggles in relationships can make improvements. People can lose weight, cope with loss, pain, and overcome addictions.

I have seen miraculous results and this is why I love hypnosis!


Isobel McGrath, International Counselor, Coach & Hypnotherapist

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