Hurricane Anxiety – Tips to Calm Down

This is a challenging time when people are panicking and lining the streets and stores to prepare for the worst. At this point, you are doing as much as possible to prepare for the unknown by securing your home, buying food or supplies, and ensuring you and others safety. Overwhelming fear and anxiousness will not help you during this process, therefore; here are three tips to help reduce your anxieties while prepping for the storm.

1. Limit your media exposure about the Storm.
Every time you turn on the news channel or check your phone for the latest storm updates, you are re-triggering your worst fears. It is important to be informed but it is unhealthy to constantly trigger your anxieties. Limit the number of times you check the weather channel so you are not overwhelming yourself. For example, restrict yourself to three media updates such as one in the morning, afternoon, evening. But not before bed, as worrying may affect your ability to sleep. You can remain informed without feeling anxiety.
2. Limit your communication about the storm.
Assess if the people you are talking to help ease your fears or increase them. Talking constantly about the upcoming event can trigger your worst fears and cause you to lose focus on other important areas of your life. If you tend to worry obsessively, then it is of utmost importance that you reign you mind in. Set boundaries with yourself as to who and how often you will communicate about your concerns. Choose to limit your conversations so as to control your fear. Text instead of talking. Choose the best time of day for you to update others and do it all at the same time. So you can then stop engaging with others, focus on calming and reassuring yourself.

3. Set boundaries with social media.
The same goes for Facebook and other forms of social media. Notice how you feel. Does checking increase your anxiety? If so, limit the time you spend reading posts and responding to others. Seeing what others are doing and comparing yourself to others is unhelpful at this time. Focus on looking after yourself and reaching out to those who you know to be supportive and uplifting.

The next few days will be tough, especially with the uncertainty of the storm. You might not know what will exactly happen, but you do not have to be in distress and panic as well. If you find yourself in immense distress with heightening hurricane anxiety then it might be helpful to read my blog post “Does anxiety and fear keep you up at night?” or download my free mind makeover MP3.

If you are frequently experiencing worry and anxiousness and this is just another trigger for you then it might be time to seek professional assistance. I specialize in helping people overcome anxiety and stress. You can contact me for a 15minute complimentary consultation. I’d love to help.

May you and all beings be safe x