Tips to Beat the Holiday Season Stress!


  1. Simplify and make things easy for yourself. For example, sure it’s nice to bake cookies for your friends and neighbors but if you are feeling pressed for time and you are NOT enjoying baking them. You are probably better off, cutting yourself some slack and purchasing the store bought ones. Remember it is the thought that counts! So be considerate of yourself! Others will enjoy your company better if you’re not harried
  2. Re-think decorating. If you dread having to put up decorations and take them down again. Then pick 1 or 2 things you truly enjoy and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
  3. Put on some lovely music that you enjoy. Whether you want to feel energized or soothed and relaxed there are ample tunes to choose from. Music is extremely therapeutic.
  4. Rather than rushing around trying to accomplish everything on your list. Hopefully you have a list! Stop and assess that list. Does this all NEED to get done? What can you take off your list? Make life easier on yourself! Your family and friends will enjoy time with you more when you are less preoccupied with what you need to do next!
  5. Slow down and be mindful of the true reason for the season. If you don’t have the money, time etc. to give, be honest and stop pressuring yourself to keep up with ‘the Jones”. True friendship is about caring and generosity from the heart not the pocketbook. If your friends don’t understand, maybe you need to reconsider these friendships.
  6. De-stress by taking deep breathes, stay in the present moment and let go of the impulse to get caught up in the drama of the holiday season. Stay calm and slow down so you can enjoy this season. Be mindful of your spending, eating and drinking behavior. Remember to think of the consequences of your actions.
  7. Spending time with family and relatives can be stressful. So prepare yourself psychologically to accept people the way they are, (not the way you want them to be) and set boundaries if they are abusive!
  8. The holiday season can be a sad time of the year for many people. Depression and Grief can resurface. Lots of people do not have the happy family and friendships that are portrayed on the television and social media. Despite the proclaimed “most wonderful time of the year!” this holiday season has the highest suicidal ratings.

Please be mindful that others may not share your joy of the season. If you happen to be one of the many people who would rather ignore this holiday season, then go right ahead without feelings of guilt, if this is truly in your best interest. If however you feel suicidal please reach out, I do want to hear from you.

Often things can look brighter after the 1st of the year. When we ring out the old and bring in the new!

Wishing you and yours health,  happiness and prosperity!

Best Wishes Always x