The Coronavirus Pandemic: Psychological Tips to Cope in Uncertain Times

How to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, Panic, and Fear During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the latest news of the spread of the Coronavirus, there has been an increase in symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic, and fear. (Click here to listen to this blog.)

As we visit the grocery stores and see empty shelves where soap, tissues, and toilet paper used to be, we can easily be thrown into a state of anxiety and fear. We fall prey to questioning ourselves, “If we are prepared enough, will there be enough?”

Our basic need is to feel a sense of safety and security. Feeling physically safe includes feeling that our health is not in jeopardy. We have just experienced the coronavirus increase from an epidemic to a pandemic. Our sense of knowing what will happen next is no longer available. The mind wants to know either “yes or no,” it is uncomfortable with “wait and see.” In a world that wants certainty, the reality is now thrust upon us that we do not know the answers. 

According to Helen Keller, “there is no such thing as security, it does not exist in man or nature.” Most of us struggle with this reality, but if you tend to be anxious you may find the reality that we are currently living in unbearable. Panic and overwhelm may be occurring. Some may find themselves using alcohol, drugs, food, electronic devises, etc. as a way of escaping.

We are all enduring the Coronavirus Pandemic together. Like most people, you may feel trigged by fear in many ways –  health, financial, family, and relationships. Stress increases our cortisol levels, the stress hormone. The antidote to this is to lower your stress, reset your nervous system which will increase your immune system, which in turn will help you fight off any possible illness.

Psychological Ways To Cope During Uncertain Times
Caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Tend to your basic needs, like you would a child. Get enough sleep, exercise, drink enough water, and eat nutritiously. The gut is our 2nd brain that helps manage our emotions, so it is more important than ever to eat regularly and healthily.

2. Limit your time reading and watching the updates. You want to be informed. However, if you are overly checking for the latest news, you are only feeding your anxiety. Stop reading or listening to such updates at least 1 hour before bed. Your immune system will benefit more from a good night of sleep than more information to fret over.

3. Sit quietly and observe your breath without focusing on your thoughts. Imagine you are the sky and the thoughts are clouds, let them float by. Meditation is scientifically known to lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, decrease stress and improve the immune system. Start with 2 mins and increase up to 10 mins twice a day.

4. Sit or walk in nature as this has been proven to decrease stress. Use your 5 senses to be aware of the beauty of nature. Attempt to be present in your body, rather than thinking about other things.

5. Choose a mindset as you navigate this time of the unknown. You can receive a Free 10 minute mind makeover at You can choose to embrace this time as an opportunity for growth. This can be an opportunity to put some healthy habits into place. To consciously choose how you want to handle these situations so that you can proudly look back on this time feeling good about yourself.

For example, this may have been a time that you got to spend more quality time with family sitting, talking and eating together. Or you learned a new language. Or experimented with new recipes. Think of what you get to do as opposed to what you are missing out on. 

6. Perhaps you can think of a phrase, mantra, or poem that you may repeat to yourself often to remind yourself, “that this too shall pass” and “no matter what happens somehow you will have the inner and outer resources to handle it.” You are not alone, we are all in this together.

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